Cow Appreciation Day Activities

by Ellen

July 15 is National Cow Appreciation Day!  There are lots of fun activities you can do with young children that involve cows.

Some Cow Facts for Kids (source –

  • Cows are able to see color.
  • Cows can see almost 360-degree panoramic vision
  • Cows have a keen sense of smell up to 5 miles away
  • Cows can live up to 25 years.
  • The number of rings on the horns = approximate age
  • A cow has 4 stomachs.
  • No two cows have the same pattern or spots.
  • An adult male cow is called a bull.
  • An adult female is called a cow.
  • The young is called a calf.
  • Cows eat corn, hay, barley, beet pulp, grass and wheat.
  • Cows give us milk, leather and meat.

Simulate Milking Cows

Get plastic gloves and carefully fill them with milk…they will look like cow udders.  Close them up like you are tying a balloon and attach them to a clothesline that is close to the ground.  Put buckets under the ‘udders’ and poke a hole into each udder with a pin.  Let children take turns and milk the cows by squeezing each udder.


Purple Cow Fun

Review the popular poem by Gelett Burgess:
I never saw a Purple Cow,
I never hope to see one;
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I’d rather see than be one.

Make Purple Cow Milkshakes: Have children help add milk, ice cream, red and blue food coloring into a blender. Mix up the ingredients and serve to each child. 

Grow Grass

Plant grass in the sensory table – talk about how cows eat grass.  After it has grown, add plastic cow toys for children to play with in the grass.

Milk Graph

Let each child taste a sample of white milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk (be sure to make sure there are no milk allergies!).  Create a graph or chart depicting children’s favorite type of milk.

Torn Paper or Fingerprint Cows

Give each child a cut-out of a cow on white construction paper.  Have them tear pieces of brown and black paper and glue onto their cow for spots.  They can also use paint and make fingerprint spots.

Read Cow Books

There are so many cow books for young children:

We hope that this gives you a start to get moo-ving to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day.  Share your cow ideas for preschool by commenting below!

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