Fun Fall Science Activities

By Janine

Fall is a great time to bring the outdoors inside and celebrate nature with your class.  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Fun with Leaves:  Go on a Leaf Hunt

  • Chart or graph information such as how many types did you find as well as the colors of the leaves you found.
  • Use the leaves to make a collage showcasing the types and colors.
  • Make leaf rubbings of the different types of leaves you have found.


Fun with acorns:  Find and collect

  • Sort the acorns by size.
  • Count how many you found.
  • Talk about what animals eat animals and how they store them for winter.
  • Discuss that an acorn is actually a seed from an oak tree.  Talk about different types of seeds the children see and find in their food and plants.


Fun with Corn:  Touch and Feel

  • Fill your sensory table with corn kernels.
  • Talk about and feel the different parts of corn, including the stalk, husk, silk, cob and kernels
  • Talk about what animals like to eat corn.
  • Compare and contrast the corn we typically eat (sweet corn) and Indian corn.
  • List different foods made from corn.
  • Make popcorn, and talk about what makes the kernels “pop.”

Fun with Pumpkins:  Get messy

  • Cut open a pumpkin and let the children feel the insides . . . this is a great sensory activity.
  • Count how many pumpkin seeds are inside of the pumpkin.
  • Bake pumpkin seeds for some kitchen science fun.
  • Cut the shell of the pumpkin into different shapes to use for making pumpkin prints.
  • Play sink or float with small pumpkins.
  • Do a serration activity with pumpkins (small, medium, large).  Explore how they are the same and different.


Remember to take advantage of the changing seasons to bring new science experiences to the children in your program.  If you have any additional ideas for activities, please share them in the comments below.

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