May is “Get Caught Reading Month”

Get Caught Reading Month

by Janine

May is “Get Caught Reading Month”.  Here are some tips and fun ideas to take reading to the next level in your program!

  • Create a cozy spot for reading.  Add floor pillows and soft lighting.  This can be a great spot for children to calm down and relax with a book.
  • Have puppets and stuffed animals for favorite books.  The children can use them to act out the stories.  They can also be great props for you to use during a group story time.
  • Try creating some felt stories.  These are great ways for a child to follow along and sequence a story and the characters.
  • Include related art activities in your planning.  This is a great way to extend the story.  Try extending it into other areas as well . . . if you read a book about bugs, take a nature walk.  If you read about shapes, go on a shape hunt around your classroom.  Get creative!
  • Take reading into the kitchen by preparing a snack that goes along with your book.  Use food coloring to make green eggs and ham.  Celery with peanut butter and raisins can be ants on a log.
  • Have the children make up their own story.  You provide the illustrations and let them tell the story in their own words.  You can also do the reverse by having the children illustrate the story.
  • Have a story book day where you encourage each child to dress as their favorite character from a book.
  • Invite parents in to read their favorite children’s story to the class.
  • Try listening to books on tape for an easy transition into nap or quiet time.
  • Use a spool of yard to create a story web.  Whoever is holding the yarn starts the story and then holds on to the end piece while rolling it to a classmate.  This child then adds a part and holds on to the yarn and passes it along again . . . the children love the visual of the web and it encourages creativity and verbal skills.

The possibilities are endless.  I hope you can catch your class reading soon!

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