New online classes for child care

deskWe are excited to announce that we have developed SIX new online child care classes!!
You will find new classes for classroom teachers, providers and directors.

We are also happy to report that these new online classes will generate a certificate for you immediately after you complete the class!

 Online Class Titles


  •  Routines and Relationships –This training is designed for caregivers and educators of infants and toddlers. Participants will learn how responsive care giving forms the foundation of building relationships, and sets the stage for development and learning.
  •  Where Everyone is Welcome- This class will help you find ways to ensure your program is welcoming and respectful to all families and children.
  • The Best Ideas on Staff Management-A guide for child care administrators and directors on recruiting, retaining and motivating your staff. Learn how to manage your child care staff from their first day until their last day.
  • The Amazing Newborn-Learn how babies are born with remarkable capacities that help them enter the world ready to learn and interact!
  •  First Friends –This class will review how children form early friendships and what you can do to promote positive social skills
  • Cooking Up Some Fun-Cooking activities are a fun way to promote learning across many domains of development. Class participants will discover great strategies and ideas for including cooking activities in their program.

  Click here to select classes and enroll

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