2016 Child Care News Stories

Here are some of the top news and research stories from the past year of 2016

U.S. Department of Education Announces $3 Million in Pay for Success Grants for Preschool Programs

Federal report recommends teaching self-regulation in schools

How dwelling on problems could harm mother-child bonding

Early childhood programs have long-term benefits, study finds

Mom’s Support in Early Number Play Helps Boost Future Math Scores

Poverty Wages For U.S. Child Care Workers May Be Behind High Turnover

Dad in-tune to child’s needs and abilities

New screen time rules for kids, by doctors

National Health and Safety Performance Standards Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs-Updated

Sleep-Deprived Preschoolers May Eat More

Study: Racial bias might start as early as preschool

Emotionally invested parents give children a leg up in life

Infants pay more attention to native speakers of their language

Fussy Babies At Higher Risk Of Obesity

African American Early Childhood Teachers Make 84 Cents for Every $1 Earned by Their White Peers

Risk for Autism in Younger Children Increases Significantly If They Have Older Sibling with Disorder

Breastfeeding associated w/ better brain development & neurocognitive outcomes

The State of Preschool 2015

Sleep experts reveal new recommendations for children

Social, Emotional Needs of Autistic Students Should Come First

Good Nutrition Positively Affects Social Development, Penn Research Shows

ADHD Linked to Disturbed Sleep in Children

Lunch Rules Ban Fried Foods, Frosted Flakes in Daycare

Study Finds Link Between Parenting & Child’s Self-Control

CDC Finds No Change In Autism Prevalence

Brief Intervention Can Stop Playground Bully Behavior

Here’s Why Preschool Suspensions Are Harmful

Preschool and its long-term benefits

Why Kindergarten Is The New First Grade

Helicopter Parenting Can Hinder Child Development

Gaps in preschool access largest for Latino kids

Poverty linked to childhood depression, changes in brain connectivity

Exercise early in life promotes healthy brain, metabolism

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