2017 Child Care News Stories

Here are some of the top child care  news and research stories from the past year of 2017

Pre-K Program Can Boost Kids’ Self-Regulation Skills

Multicultural awareness boosts teaching competency 

Babies May Recognize Related Words

Brain waves reflect different types of learning

Reducing Racial Bias in Children

Resiliency as a Critical Factor In Resisting Bullying

Preschool teachers need better training in science

Preschoolers’ Social Skills Can Make Up For Low Vocabulary

Few ineffective teachers are identified as ineffective, study finds

Toddlers begin learning rules of reading, writing at very early age

Art therapy best practices for children with autism

Too Much TV Tied to Poor Math Scores, Particularly in Low-Income Kids

One-third of American families spend 20% of their income on child care

Pre-K Math Games Can Help Disadvantaged Kids, But Only So Much

Child Care Centers Often Don’t Hire The Most Qualified Teachers, Study Shows

Study shows preschool benefits middle-class kids, with biggest boost for black youngsters

Lack of Training Can Lead to Preschool Teacher Burnout

Fascination with Superheroes May Lead to Aggression in Children

Language programs helping with early education

New Study Shows How Dads Bond With Their Kids

By age 6, gender stereotypes can affect girls’ choices

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