August 3rd is Watermelon Day

By Erin Rutter

When I think of summer, one of the most memorable sensations that come to my mind is the first juicy bite of a watermelon slice.  August 3rd is Watermelon Day.  What a perfect day to plan activities around a watermelon theme! In this post, you’ll find some ideas for a science activity, a craft for toddlers to preschool age children, and a refreshing beverage.

children-655542_640 (2)A watermelon can grow to be very big- almost 5 pounds- but does it sink or float?  For this science experiment, decide where you want to perform the activity: in a large bucket or a kiddie pool out in the yard, or even a bathtub.  Get together items that may sink or float, and don’t forget the watermelon! Ask children to make predictions and record those on a chart or a piece of construction paper. What did they predict? How did the children react? Were they surprised?

Now, lets try a fun craft.  The children could create a watermelon slice out of a paper plate.  First cut the paper plates in half. Children could use crayons, markers, paint dobbers, or any other art tool to decorate the watermelon slice.  I think it is a good idea to use a marker to draw a line of where the colors should go (green along the edge and red or pink on the inside.)  Next, glue black buttons or small pom-poms to represent the seeds.   On a hot day, you could attach a wooden stick to the rind and use the watermelon slice as a fan.

download.phpIMG_4465 (2)

Finally, not only can the children enjoy a slice or two of watermelon but you could also make some delicious watermelon lemonade.  I found this recipe from My Little Moppet. You can find the full recipe here at Watermelon Lemonade.

You’ll need watermelon cubes, honey, lemon juice, and ice cold water.  Sounds delicious! This could be the perfect drink to cool those kids off on a hot day, especially Watermelon Day!

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