Child Care and Development News

A review of child care and development news 2018

How Real-World Learning Experiences Can Help Kids Retain Knowledge

Infants Sensitive to Fearful Faces Tend to Become Altruistic Toddlers

Childhood Aggression Linked to Deficits in Executive Function

How music lessons can improve language skills

Self-Regulation May Be Critical to Early Language & Literacy

Curiosity is key to early childhood success in math and reading

Modeling prosocial behavior increases helping in 16-month-olds

Washington Among Top 10 States With Least Affordable Child Care  

Problems within child care licensing persist in Minnesota, North Dakota

Initiative to pay for preschool, full-day kindergarten qualifies for Colorado ballot

States to line up for federal preschool grants

Arizona lawmakers letting $56 million in child-care funds sit unused

Study suggets ADHD is genetic, may help lead to new treatments

CBT Can Help Autistic Kids Regulate Emotions

Study Probes How ADHD Meds Improve Cognition & Behavior in Kids

Autistic Kids Twice as Likely to Suffer from Food Allergies

Why Are Kids with Autism Less Social Than Peers?

The benefits of early childhood education 

Suspending Youngest Students May Harm More Than Help

Connections between early childhood program and teenage outcomes

Preschool program preps kids for academic success through elementary school

Study finds language, achievement benefits of universal early childhood education

Research finds early childhood program linked to degree completion at age 35

 For Working Parents, Flexible Childcare Options Can Mean Staying In The Workforce

Study Links More Sugar Consumption to Poorer Cognition in Kids

Two thirds of young children do not do enough physical activity

Being raised in greener neighborhoods may have beneficial effects on brain development

Schools alone cannot help to prevent childhood obesity, study finds

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