Child Care and Development Research Overview 2015

Here is a research overview of child care and development research stories that we featured in the Child Care Lounge newsletter in 2015.





How does type of toy affect quantity, quality of language in infant playtime?

Parent Touch, Play And Support in Childhood Vital to Well-being as an Adult

Depression in children changes the brain for life

“Left-Out” Kids Mimic Group Behaviors to Gain Acceptance

Children with specific birth defects at increased risk for abuse

Labor Department announces new aid for ballooning child-care costs

Even PreK Kids Affected By Handling Money

How Parental Absence Alters Children’s Brain Development

Mixed-age classrooms hurt academic progress of older children

Telling Kids to Wait May Not Improve Self-Control

To Prevent Bullying, Focus On Early Childhood

Poor Sleep during Infancy May Predict Developmental Problems

Helping toddlers understand emotion key to development

Simple Changes to Classroom Procedures Helps ADHD Kids

Latino educators stress making early childhood education a priority

Children who are good liars are more intelligent and have better memory skills

Early Stress Impacts Cognition in Low-Income Kids

Household items, toys are key to infant motor skill development

Study finds children eat healthier at daycare centers than at home

Infant Learning: Is More Really Better?

Toddler temperament could be influenced by different types of gut bacteria

New Neuroscience of Childhood Stresses Strong Attachments

MRI shows association between reading to young children and brain activity

Babies As Young As 6 Months Use Mobile Devices For Up To An Hour Each Day

Brain Scan Predicts Language Development in Autism Before Kids Learn to Speak

Early education narrows the achievement gap with younger starts and longer stays

Children less likely to come to the rescue when others are available

Students Who Started Kindergarten Late More Likely to Drop Out, Commit Crimes

New study points to better classrooms for children with disabilities

Study: High-quality early education could reduce costs

Strong Parental Bond Helps Protect Shy Babies from Future Anxiety

Early childhood programs found to significantly lower likelihood of special education placements in third grade

Parents May Be Able to Lower Babies’ Autism Risk

Looking at Cute Images Can Improve Focus

Could playing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’ and other music improve kids’ brains?

Preschoolers Should Practice Writing Before Entering a Classroom

Pets May Help Improve Social Skills Of Children With Autism

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