Choosing a Child Care Curriculum

Before you purchase a curriculum to use in your child care or preschool program, take the time to carefully evaluate what is being offered. There are many pre-packaged curriculums out there, but they are not equal. Here are a few questions that you should ask first:


  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it age appropriate?
  • Does it focus on the process rather than a final product?
  • Is it adaptable to for children of different abilities?
  • Are there open ended crafts and activities?
  • Is it based on sound research about child development and education?
  • Is it non-biased?
  • Are there extension and follow up activities?
  • Is it developed by someone with training and experience in both child care and curriculum design?
  • Does it cover many areas of the curriculum?Father_and_Daughter_2

Many family daycare providers choose to use curriculum packages or programs, rather than develop themes or lessons plans from scratch. Click here to read what they have to say about different curriculum.

Click here to compare curriculum and find the best one for your program.

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