Christmas in July

Christmas in July

by Janine Christmas only comes once a year, it is something that many children think about year round.  Here are a few ideas to celebrate Christmas in July…giving the children in your care a sneak peak at December!

Set the mood.  Decorate a Christmas Tree…or even a Palm Tree.  String some lights and have children decorate the tree, either making homemade ornaments or ones purchased from the store.

Christmas Palm Trees2 Christmas Palm Tree   Decorating For The Holidays

Play some Christmas Carols.  Watch a holiday special.  Read a Christmas book during story time.  Children will be excited to see these crowd-pleasing favorites that are usually reserved for December.

Bake or decorate Christmas cookies.  This is a great way to include math and science with measuring and mixing ingredients.

Have a snowball fight using white balloons.  You can also fill them with water for added excitement.

Do shaving cream art and have the children pretend they are playing in the snow.

Make a snow globe using a baby food jar and glitter.  Remember to choose a toy or figurine that will not dissolve in the water as well as to hot glue the lid on so the children can’t open them.

Host a Jingle Bell Hop dance party for the children.  Encourage them to wear red or green and even a Santa Hat.

Decorate flip flops to make a Christmas decoration.  Be creative.  Use red and green paint.  Add jingle bells, ribbons, pine cones, poinsettias, glitter and more.

Make a melted snowman craft.  All you need is white, black, brown and orange construction paper, scissors and glue.  Cut the white paper into a squiggle shape to resemble a puddle.  Use the black paper to make circles for the eyes and mouth, the orange to make a carrot shaped nose and the brown for two twig-like arms.

Encourage the children to draw a picture of what they think Santa does while on vacation.

This can be a really fun theme filled day or even week of activities for the children.  Let your holiday magic do its work and inspire creativity and wonder.

Merry Christmas in July!



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