Coffee Filters, Clothespins,and Kitchen Scissors

by Diane

In my last post I gave you my list of condiments (Ranch dressing,ketchup,and peanut butter) every provider needs for smooth sailing at mealtimes, now I will give you my top 3 day care helpers. Coffee filters, clothespins, and kitchen scissors are my favorite day care must haves!

First up, my husband’s coffee filters. These thin little filters have so many uses, are compost able, and very cheap, 99 cents for 200! We use them as snack servers-the kids love the individual “paper dishes”. Crackers, pieces of fruits and veggies, and mini bagels are perfect in these. We also use them for arts and crafts. We Tye-dye them using markers and spray bottles filled with water. They also make wonderful snowflakes in winter. The filters can also hold beads,sequins,and any other roly-poly supply you may need during projects.

Clothespins are my second favorite,again, many uses and cheap. Any open food bag in my kitchen is being held closed using a clothespin. Art projects that require drying time are clipped to my shower curtain using these. Some of the Little Ones’ painting projects may need an extended dry time so we could have one piece of art work for up to 3 days. This gives us an ever changing art display in a rather drab bathroom! Clothespins also come in handy during dress up time. If something is a little too big , clip it tighter. They also work wonderfully for holding “super hero” capes on Little Ones and adults too. Kids just love to play with these and come up with their own uses and games while practicing their fine motor skills.

Last,but not least…my kitchen scissors. My own teenagers have been warned not to take my kitchen scissors out of my kitchen. They are not to be used to cut holes in jeans, or to cut unruly bangs, or to cut sports tape for your hockey sticks-they are for food only and require washing after using. My kids always read what I write so that was a little reminder for them. Now back to using them for day care. These are an awesome tool to have because sometimes the Little Ones are not real patient when waiting for their food. These are great for cutting sandwiches into quarters or just getting that pesky crust off for your pickier eaters. Pancakes,waffles,fruits,and veggies are all much easier to cut when using the scissors.I do allow some of the older “Littles” to help cut some of the softer foods and they really love the responsibility of being the assistant chef. These are also inexpensive, I just found the Betty Crocker brand at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1.00.

Coffee filters,clothespins, and kitchen scissors the three things I use daily. All three are inexpensive but priceless when it comes to making my day a little easier!

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