Confessions of a Provider

I have been doing home day care for many years. I believe providing care for Lil’ Ones requires a sense of humor. Here are some of the humorous confessions I have come up during my days.

Sometimes during naptime I make Chocolate No-Bakes. I tell myself that I am making these for my loving family for after dinner. My children will probably never sink their teeth into these cookies! Truth is I am stressed and need to calm myself.

Two out of the three times I manage to use the bathroom during the day I am sitting on the toddlers’ potty seat. It saves me three seconds and it is padded!

I have donated some of our day care books to the local library because they were too long or the pictures weren’t fun. I consider this recycling so it is a good thing!

I have lied to children. Let’s call it a fib. I have told them fish sticks were “chicken sticks”. I have told them that yogurt is really “breakfast pudding”. I also enjoy coming up with clever ways to disguise vegetables in their food. The little darlings don’t have a clue that there is zucchini in the chocolate muffins they just ate. I usually confess afterward. If they act disgusted I will be obligated to fib, again, in 2 weeks when the “yucky” food is served.

I have a stockpile of three items in my pantry. These items are ketchup, Ranch dressing, and peanut butter. Offering one of these items in dippable or spreadable form,I have found, children will eat most foods. If these “special sauces” are offered but they are still not convinced refer to the last paragraph and make something up.

I had sweatshirts made with my day care name and logo on them. I did not do this for the tax write off or advertising perks. I did this because I am not a morning person and I don’t really want to coordinate an outfit at 5:30 in the morning!

These are just some of my confessions-they make me laugh and laughing keeps me sane!

Diane Jones

A is for Apple Day Care

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