Gobble! Gobble! Turkey Activities for Child Care

by Janine

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to start making turkeys in your classroom!  Here are a few of my favorite Turkey crafts!

Name Turkey

Have the child trace and cut out their foot on brown construction paper to make the body of the turkey.   You can also create a simple body shape similar to that of a bowling pin.

Add a face – you can draw one on with markers or glue on google eyes, an orange beak and red beard

Make pre-cut feathers in fall colored construction paper.  Have the child choose enough feathers to spell out their first name.

Once the child has placed one letter of their name per feather, have them glue them to the back of their turkey cut out.

Handprint Turkey

Paint the child’s palm and thumb brown.

Paint the remaining fingers fall colors, such as red, orange, yellow and green.

Help the child make their handprint on a piece of construction paper.

Once the paint has dried, use a marker to add feet and a face.


Footprint Turkey

Paint the bottom of the child’s foot brown.

Help the child make a footprint on an over-sized piece of construction paper.

Once the paint has dried, have the child glue on googly eyes and beak.

The child can then glue brightly colored craft feather around their footprint to finish their turkey.


A few more turkey ideas . . . just for fun!

Play pin the feather on the turkey in your class – all you need is a big turkey cut out (go for the shape similar to a bowling pin), pre-cut feathers with the children’s names, masking tape and a blindfold.


Create a thankful turkey for your classroom.  Use a large turkey cut out, and have each child add a feather that has something they are thankful for written on it.


Make a handprint placemat.  Have the children cover a sheet of construction paper with their handprints in orange, red and yellow.  Once dry, place a brown turkey cut out in the middle.  Laminate or cover with contact paper to create a usable holiday placemat.


Collect fall leaves on a nature walk.  Have the child glue them to a turkey cutout as the feathers.

The possibilities are endless!  How many different turkey crafts can you create this month?

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