Make it a Home Made Christmas

`by Janine

For children, Christmas is a magical time of year. It means Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and getting toys. However, even young children can understand that it is so much more than simply creating a list of toys and opening them up on Christmas morning.
Create a memory each year that will last from one Christmas to the next.
I decided the year that my daughter was born, that we would celebrate each Christmas with some sort of ornament . . . eventually leading up to the point when she has and tree of her own to decorate that she has a boxful of memories to place on it!
Since she was only a few weeks her first Christmas, we had ornaments made at Things Remembered saying Baby’s 1st Christmas along with her name. We also gave one to each Grandma for their tree as well.

Once she was old enough to help, however, we have included her in the ornament making process each year. She enjoys making something special to give to the people she loves, as well as spotting them on their Christmas trees as well as our own.
Christmas number two we made snowflake ornaments. We purchased small wooden snowflakes and I pained them white. We also bought tubes of glitter glue in a variety of colors. We helped her squeeze the glitter glue onto the ornaments

For our third Christmas, we made Christmas trees. Since my daughter was a year older, she was able to place stickers shaped as jewels onto the trees to decorate them all by herself. We added a bit of silver glitter glue to create the appearance of garland on the tree.

Christmas four was a bit more complicated, since our child’s skill level and attention span had grown. I purchased shatterproof silver balls at a local store. I helped my daughter decoupage them with tissue paper squares in shades of blue for winter. Once the ball was covered with tissue paper, we sprinkled glitter on top to add some sparkle.

This year we have made snow men. We used clear glass balls filled with fake snow. My husband helped my daughter use paint to create a face on the outside of the ball to resemble a snowman . . . eyes and mouth painted black like coal, an orange carrot nose and rosy cheeks. Each face looks completely unique and is a masterpiece. She has even given them names and has started deciding who will receive each of the ornaments she has created.

The best part of this experience, however, was putting up the tree this year and seeing her eyes sparkle with delight as she placed the ornaments she created onto our tree . . . each one a homemade memory created as a family!
We plan to add to our collection with a new hand crafted ornament each year. It is a great way to take some of the spot light off of simply receiving toys and taking the time to make a gift for others and create a lasting memory.

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