Preschool Cooking Activities

Preschool Cooking Activities are Educational

Preschool cooking activities with young children is a fun and educational activity. By participating in food preparation, a young child can learn many things

  • fine motor skills
  • nutrition
  • science concepts
  • sensory exploration
  • cooperation
  • measurement
  • shapes
  • following directions
  • fractions
  • telling time
  • More, much more!

Cooking Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid of messes
  2. Be sure to find many safe ways that children care participate; measuring and stirring etc., Leave the use of knives, electric appliances and heating sources to adults.
  3. Keep directions simple
  4. Practice safe food handling and wash hands before and after.
  5. Always supervise young cooks

What to talk about

    • Have child describe what they are doing. What are we doing with the raisins?
    • Discuss where foods come from.
    • Ask them why. Why do you think we need to stir this? Why do eggs have shells?
    • Ask them to predict. What do you think will happen when we add the milk?
    • Encourage them to observe. Watch how the sauce thickens when we add cornstarch.
  • Discuss how the food will be eaten.

Check out the online class-Cooking Up Some Fun

Find some great recipes to start with

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