The Perks of Puzzles

I have┬áliterally collected over 100 puzzles during my 7 years of being licensed for child care. Floor puzzles, box puzzles, magnetic puzzles, and foam piece puzzles all find space in my home. The children I have in my care seem to prefer the wooden puzzles….at this moment.

I have 2 three-year-old little ladies in my care who LOVE these wooden wonders. I keep about 25 available to them daily, up on a higher shelf, that they can reach, but the other “Littles” cannot. They have done them all, over and over again, and were beginning to get bored.I needed to come up with a quick way to entertain these ladies, until I could bring out a new supply of puzzles. I picked up 6 of these puzzles. I know there were 6 because we counted them and then we counted all of the pieces. Then I did something that just shocked them. I dumped all of the puzzle pieces into a box! I handed them the box of pieces and the puzzle bases and challenged them to put them back together again.

This was a 30 minute project that they did together and “won”, as they informed me. It was wonderful to see them work together! They sorted, they counted,they divided the pieces between themselves and helped each other figure which base the piece belonged.There was a lot of chatting also, which is so much fun to listen to when they don’t realize! We will definitely be doing this activity again, until they discover something new to favor!
Diane Jones
A is for Apple day Care
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