Preschool Graduation

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooytttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthers aDoes your preschool graduation program look like the Ziegfried Follies or maybe a production from Cecil B. Demille? After years of planning and staging elaborate graduation shows and preschool pageants, I have learned some valuable lessons I would like to share with you.

#1 Reconsider Your Focus.

Most preschool pageants, ceremonies and graduations are put on to entertain and impress the parents. Sadly this often comes at the expense of the children. All year long you worked to have a preschool program that was developmentally appropriate, why should the last day be any different? This means involving the children as much as possible while keeping in mind both their capabilities and interests. Let the children choose the theme and help select performance numbers. Children can also participate in designing a set or backdrop, creating costumes, sending invitations and more. Also remember to let their age and abilities determine program length and complexity.

#2 Keep It Simple

I have found that a good rule of thumb for performance time is twice the average age of the group. This would mean that a group of four-year-olds would perform for approximately 8-10 minutes. This is plenty of time for a short skit or two or three songs. When you add on time for announcements or awards you will have a full program that does not tax the attention span of either the audience or participants. Elaborate costumes are often poorly tolerated by preschool children and quickly forgotten by parents. Simple hats or props designed by the children usually work well and serve the same purpose.

#3 Reduce Stress

Graduation is a time for transitions and good-byes. You will go a long way in reducing stress by preparing the children will in advance for this big day. Set aside a time before the show to take care of business issues, pack up belongings and say tearful good-byes. Performing in front of audience can be stressful for young children as much as it is for adults. You may wish to have a simple practice or dress rehearsal. Be flexible, the world will not end if Kyle refuses to wear his wings or Angie forgets the words. And most of all remember-preschool graduation is a time of celebration. Have fun!



Kindergarten Here We Come
(tune: Twinkle Twinkle)
Kindergarten here we come, We know we’ll have lots of fun.
Lots of things to make and do. Reading, writing, counting too.
Kindergarten here we come, We know we’ll have lots of fun.

The I Know Rhyme
I know letters, I know shapes. Know that purple stands for grapes.
I know red and white and blue. I know green and yellow, too.
I’ve made friends and know how to share. What is wrong and what is fair.
Know what policemen and mailmen do. Firemen and nurses too.
I’m an artist, I can paint. I try hard not say ain’t.
I have rhythm, I know sounds. I’ve had ups and I’ve downs.
I’ve been quiet, I have wiggled. …..worked all year as you can see.
There now , aren’t you proud of me.

Ten tiny little fingers
That always want to play,
They never stop exploring
The wonders of today.
Ten Tiny Little Fingers
I knew right from the start,
Would reach out for tomorrow
Yet always hold my heart.

I’ve Been Going to My Preschool
(tune: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad)
I’ve been going to my preschool, All the whole year long.
I’ve been going to my preschool, And I’ve learned a lot of songs.
I can count and say the letters, I know my colors too.
I’ve been going to my preschool, All the whole year through.
Graduation day, graduation day, Graduation day is finally here.
Graduation day, graduation day, Graduation day is here.
Kindergarten, here I come. Kindergarten, I am on my way.

Copyright 2004 ~Joni Levine

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