What Makes Online Child Care Lounge Classes Special?

Finally! You can participate in child care training when you need it, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Forget expensive conference fees, babysitting arrangements and traffic jams. Now there are quality online child care trainings for your convenience. You can enroll for a class whenever you wish and complete it at your own pace.

Check the status of this Child Care Lounge class in your state: Be sure to click on your state to see what specific classes are approved, as some states approve classes individually.

Child Care Lounge classes are special because …

  • They are all developed and taught by Joni Levine who has an M.Ed in adult education and curriculum design and development.
    • We sought the input of other child care providers and professionals regarding the class topics and content.
    • They meet standards for quality online training.
    • They meet principles for adult learning.
    • They meet the quality assurance/training approval standards for many states.
    • We use a variety of content resources and media when developing the classes.
    • The assignments are subjective questions (not pass/fail) and ask students to engage in critical thinking.
    • The class content focuses on real-life application.
    • Students are encouraged to complete an action plan to promote transfer of learning.
    • Components for student interaction and support include our message board and weekly live chats.
    • Instructor interaction and technical support is available via email or phone at least five days a week (often seven).
    • We issue a free PDF certificate by email and hard copy of a certificate at minimal cost (if you wish) that meets the requirements of your state.
    • We review your assignments promptly (less than 2 weeks without additional charge) and give you personalized feed-back.
    • We are accessible and easy to reach.

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